7. Merino Wool Capsule
The Knotty Ones

7. Merino Wool Capsule

The Knotty Ones
Design & Product Development

For the Fall 2020 season, we collaborated to create a capsule collection with the current needs of our world in mind. With many of us working, playing, and gathering from home, we wanted to design pieces that were not only stylish, but also warm and comfortable.To achieve this, we used extra-fine merino wool that was sourced from Italy through cruelty-free methods. We also made sure that the entire collection was ethically made in Lithuania, to ensure that our environmental impact was minimal.The resulting capsule collection features a range of cozy and stylish pieces that are perfect for the Fall season. From chunky knit cardigans to soft, oversized scarves, every piece was designed with both comfort and fashion in mind.

Sea Salt, Dusty Pink, Oatmeal Heather, Baltic Blue, Grey
In this post, we'll take you through the journey of creating a beautiful and unique knitwear design, from finding inspiration to choosing the perfect design. It all starts with inspiration. We believe that inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere - nature, art, architecture, and even everyday objects. We take the time to immerse themselves in various sources of inspiration and draw on them to create their own unique vision. Once the inspiration is found, we begin to create a concept. This involves taking their ideas and translating them into sketches and color palettes. This stage is crucial as it lays the foundation for the final design. After the concept is solidified, our clients start to choose the designs. This involves selecting the right yarn, stitch patterns, and texture to bring the design to life. This is where the magic happens as the concept comes to life and transforms into a beautiful knitwear design. At our Studio, we take great pride in our process. We strive to create unique and timeless pieces that reflect the vision and inspiration of the brands we work with.
Milda Turtle Neck - Technical sketches
Tech Pack Creation & Technical Sketches Rib Lounge Pants
2x2 Rib Scarf
2x2 Rib Hand Knit Socks
Milda turtle neck in sea salt with the rib lounge pants
Milda turtle neck in Camel
Milda turtle neck in pine green with rib pants
Each sock is hand knitted with love by an independent knitter in rural Lithuania. Each pair can take 1-2 days to be knit.

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